by Jorie Jacobi
Published August 29, 2014

Jorie Jacobi is a twentysomething writer, artist, blogger and St. Louis native. Endlessly fascinated by people, she writes and tells stories as a knee-jerk reaction to being alive. She constantly finds herself in awe of St. Louis and the people here who make it such a beautiful, inspiring place.


The events in Ferguson have brought to light deep issues in our community–many of us see the need for change. For that to happen, we must exercise a right that many of us take for granted.

The right to vote.

Commit to voting in your community using the form below, and spread the word on social media. Use the hashtag #VoteUpSTL to get others to join the movement.

The Curator will help inform and inspire you with pertinent voting information, like registration instructions, locations to vote, and more. Let’s effect positive change in our community together.

Commitment to Vote:

 Yes No

 Yes No

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...we must exercise a right that many of us take for granted. The right to vote.”

– STL Curator

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