by Jorie Jacobi and Anna Stalker
Organization: Grain
Published September 4, 2014

#HereisStLouis. An Instagram Hashtag to Share Your Vision of St. Louis.

When we started the STL Curator, we had a vision. We imagined a place where Saint Louisans could come to be inspired by our city; a platform for stories about the people reimagining our bright future. We’ve been selecting the stories, but there is so much out there, so much you see that we might miss.

So now we’re giving you the stage.

Whether it’s your family by the Arch, your front porch, or a sunset, show us what makes you love St. Louis. Let us see the city through your eyes. Go on Instagram, upload and tag the best photos (both yours and others) of our city, our people, and the inspiring stories unfolding around us. Use the hastag #hereisstlouis so we can repost and share your vision of St. Louis.  Together, let’s put the best of Saint Louis on display, let’s inspire each other with what we see.

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