by Anna Stalker
Organization: Grain
Published April 10, 2015

A Curated Weekend: April 10, 2015

It’s after 4 pm, and you’re probably peering impatiently out the window at the sunshine, waiting to bolt away from your keyboard and out the door. The trees have just started to bloom in Tower Grove Park, you’ve got a few hours of sunlight left today, and you’re ready to kick off the weekend. We get it. That’s why we’ve got a hand-picked list of events right here, perfect for any budget:

Free: ChinwagSTL #3. Tonight, 8 pm, at HandleBar. Suggested donation to benefit First Book-St. Louis. A night of improv and storytelling by a group of talented St. Louisans, including Curator alum Andrea Purnell.

Mid-range: Season 4 Premiere of STL Up Late. Saturday, 9 pm, at Satori Theater. Tickets are $10 online, and $15 at the door. Catch the kick-off of a new season of St. Louis’ own late night talk show, performed live.

Splurge: Repeal of Prohibition Beer Festival. Saturday, 12-5 pm, Schlafly Bottleworks. Tickets are $25 in advance, or $30 at the event. Toast the anniversary of the end of Prohibition by savoring non-bootleg beer samples from a variety of breweries.

Photo by @digitaldanger

Photo by @digitaldanger

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