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St. Louis’ Startup Scene Attracts CIC, Renowned Coworking Space

It’s scary to start a company. I don’t care who you are, how old you are, how much experience you have--it’s hard.

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St. Louis Startup Tackles 21st-Century Health Care Problem

It’s not an easy path. The dividends could be really great, but 70% of the time, they’re not.

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A Couchsurfer and a High Schooler Create a Capital Innovators-Funded...

A lot of people we talked to were like, ‘You guys don’t know anything about legislation--how can you possibly figure this out ...

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How is Judy Sindecuse of Capital Innovators Transforming St. Louis...

Our companies have created over 350 jobs. That’s creating jobs, not moving jobs.

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What Did it Take For LockerDome to Reach 15 Million Monthly Unique...

I stood in front of a room of some pretty influential people ... they told me this was an absolutely dumb idea.

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