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Why it Took Me a Week to Pick a Shade of White Paint

I started writing as a child, drafting books on yellow legal pads and illustrating them with crayons. Once, I gathered up several ...

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Librarian’s Blog of Quirky Work Encounters Inspires Book Deal

There’s this whole segment of the community who really thinks, ‘Why are libraries still around? Isn’t the Internet here?’

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What a Year of Interviewing Makers in St. Louis Has Taught Me

This year marked an important milestone for the Curator–we launched our 100th profile at the beginning of this month, just ...

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A Cat, a Box, and a New Year’s Resolution

Last month, being frugal, I bought a disposable carrier to take my cat to the vet for the first time. When I actually put her ...

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What the Hell is Henry Goldkamp Thinking?

That's what 'What the Hell' is about ... that common thread of humanity through all of us.

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