by Anna Stalker
Organization: Grain
Published November 27, 2013

The Curator Says Thank You

With Thanksgiving this week, we at the Curator wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what we’re thankful for– what has challenged us, enlightened us, and pushed us forward as creative people and as humans.  In our office, which Curator writer Jorie Jacobi calls “a place where I’ve sat in every single chair,” it’s not unusual to see people gathered together at long wooden tables, intently debating a line of code or a sentence in a profile. It’s also not unusual for a Friday to end with a game of Mario Kart and epic howls of triumph or defeat. In the words of Film Partner Matt Seilback, “I’m thankful to work at a creative firm where our co-workers are like family and where I get a chance to work in a field that I love.”

Outside of the tall glass windows that make up the front of our building, there is a steady stream of traffic down Meramec. It’s impossible to get through five minutes without someone walking by singing at the top of their lungs or shouting to someone across the street. At the end of the day children run and leave fingerprints all over the glass, and people walking by wave at Partner John Pa while he works near the window. Recently, as a public art experiment we constructed a blank wall with a question at the top, written in black and white– “What do you love about St. Louis?” We left it downtown with a bucket of markers and paint, and by the end of the day, the wall was full of bright, colorful responses.

Not one person tried to deface it or turn it into a joke. In most cities, the wall would have contained at least one unsavory cartoon … but here, every response was positive and thoughtful. From the places highlighted on the wall, to passing conversations on the street, to the profiles we publish on the site– St. Louis is energizing itself through stories. We’re grateful to be able to tell some of them.

To read the preceding sketch, click here.

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